Wales Tour

The Surfin’ had a fantastic time in Wales, we loved every minute of our time there and where we were looked after in style. We did a couple of great gigs and met some lovely people, it seemed most of Saundersfoot turned out to The Old Chemist Inn.

The weather was amazing considering the forecast was not so good, the sun even had his hat on for the outside which was unexpected but welcome.

It seems we must have done something right as the neighbour to the outside gig had complained during the sound check about the noise so we reduced volume a bit and by the end of the gig they were dancing on their balcony watching the .

Both venues we played at have re-booked us for May 2020 so watch the for any other gigs in the area.

Special thanks go out to Neil A Bates and his entourage who sorted out the gig at the Old Chemist Inn after the original gig he’d arranged fell through, what a top guy. He and his friends are incredible.
See you again at The Station House Inn Whitland Wales on May 29th 2020 and The Old Chemist Inn on May 31st 2020.

Check out the Surfin’ Llamas facebook page for photos and videos of the gigs.

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