Tom – Guitar and lead vocals

Tom Windypops has played in bands since he was a toddler, he started off playing a balalaika eventually regressing to a penny whistle before finally settling on guitar.  His G-String often causes him problems and it has been known to twang and snap on more than one occasion usually when fingering A minor.

Tom gargles with battery acid each morning and smokes at least 20 rollies to maintain his vocal characteristics. Tom’s voice has been compared with a badly oiled chainsaw with a misfire and more recently to a warthog with laryngitis.

Tom has played in many bands from a young age including Front Page, Teal, The Ant Hill Mob, The Mobsters,  and he has also guested with Mrs. Miggins’ Pie Shoppe on several occasions. Tom also performs solo acoustic gigs and hosts an open mic night.

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