– Saxophone and backing vocals.

Prior to taking up the saxophone, JC was a keen footballer and even played for England on several occasions before getting into the management side of the game. Now post op “she” is known as to her friends but reverts to Jason when she’s supped a few pints of Guinness.

Jacy has a love for all things Llama ever since visiting Peru as a child. While in Peru she took up playing the pan pipes and she even brought some Llama eggs back with her which, incredible as it sounds, hatched. She now keeps these is a very large hutch, they were the inspiration for the ’s name and pan pipes continue to shape her musical influences.

Jacy was inspired to ditch the pan pipes and take up the saxophone after watching endless repeats of the Simpsons on Channel 4. She has never looked back, mainly due to a neck problem.

Jaclyn has played guest spots with bands: The animals, Nine Below Zero, Dr. Feelgood, The Commitments and Eddie and the Hot Rods.

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